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Tucson Arizona

Nerd Mobile ver 1.0

I would like to thank Kelly of The Graphic Works for creating my logo and doing all the graphics on my truck.

I would also like to thank Dave at Half Moon Bay Auto Repair for the great yellow paint job.

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The original Nerd Mobile.

HMB Auto Painted the truck the company colors.

The truck was rusting so it was time for a new paint job anyway.

It's ready for graphics

The Graphic Works did all the lettering and logos.

Since I work in "High Tech" I thought I would add some ladders.

Speakers on the dashboard are connected to the computer.

The original computer was a 500 Mhz Dell. Above the computer you can see the power inverter that converts 12volts DC to 115 volts AC.

Flat screen LCD monitor fits nicely but kind of blocks the heater controls.

Upgraded the computer to a 2.4Ghz P4 in a small Shuttle case.

An Orinoco wireless card is attached to the antenna to give me wireless Internet access where available.

Front of the Shuttle case behind the passenger seat.


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